Moljebka Pvlse is an experimental music group from Stockholm, Sweden. The group works with both electronic and acoustic instruments, as well as with field recordings and found sounds. The music is often dark and haunting, consisting of minimal soundscapes built by layered drones. At times, there has been touches of noise and even pop.

Over the years, Moljebka Pvlse has released over a dozen full length albums on many different labels, for example Zoharum, Drone Records, Reverse Alignment, Taâlem, Greytone, Some Place Else, Gears of Sand, Fifth Week Records, Mystery Sea, Cold Meat Industry, Fin De Siècle Media and Isoramara. Performing live is of great importance, and to this date Moljebka Pvlse has performed live in Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, the Ukraine and the USA.